When Lymphedema Strikes….

When lymphoedema strikes, it messes dramatically with your life.

The package deal — to help with life and find some relief — is found not only in Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

This technique needs to be combined with other pieces in the puzzle of Lymph System Management, particularly after cancer treatments, when critical nodes may have had to be removed.

Your body is tired. Things aren’t working so good. You are emotionally drained. 

You are experiencing a lot of pain and emotion. 

The best thing around you is family and friends with empathetic loving waves of energy to feed upon.


To help it along, there’s a practical regime of steps to help pull you through.

Complex Lymphatic Therapy, CLT (the Aus name for CDT Complete Decongestive Therapy from UK) – can be practiced by Vodder (1936 Denmark origins) or Casley-Smith (Australia 1960’s origins, verfiying 1860’s German theories) trained therapists, who pass on additional homework — to be done after you have left their hands.


This is what a good package should look like :

  • Referral by medical doctors and continuing dialogue with them;

  • Assessment and treatment plant by the therapist, with referral back to the medical doctors as necessary;

  • Decongestive Lymphatic Drainage, sometimes worded Manual Lymphatic Drainage;

  • Bandaging, which might include measured compression garments where appropriate;

  • Homework!! What does that mean?

  • Homework means, you might be asked to try to dance. Yep, there is a dance routine for Lymphoedema Post Cancer Treatment patients. You want me to dance? Really….!! The way 
  • I’m feeling, and you want me to dance?…. And it works — with all the other stuff we’re going to encourage you to do…. 

  • Homework means you should have checked out your diet, gotten some advice and got a plan for that, so that your lymphatic system is carefully loaded; 

  • Homework means you have some exercise regime planned for your circumstances — to keep your body moving, which helps to keep your lymphatic system moving, and maintains, if not improves a level of mobility.

  • Homework means you might work with self managing compression garments and bandaging, including maybe, machine driven pulsed compression (like the blood pressure wrapping on your arm, but on a bigger scale).

  • Homework means learning about your condition, and having that power in knowledge, applying your power to overcome.

  • Homework means reiterating (repeating) what the medics were telling you — educating you on how the lymph system operates — it’s basically your sewer system. With a better understanding, you are more resolved to follow diet, follow the exercise, wear the compression garments — because it helps to give life a measure of relief.

So our job has many pieces in the puzzle to put you back together, for an improved life experience moving forward. We are trained, qualified, and available to help.

Our therapists are Casley-Smith trained in Complex Lymphatic Therapy. We practice in the CBD Perth, and in the Hills (Kalamunda) and offer home visits. We also support, on a voluntary basis, cancer patients in Linear Cancer Research facilities in QEII.

What’s as important is the level of patient empathy, understanding and peace that you will experience in our facilities and from our therapists, as we take this journey together.

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