Remedial Massage

Holistic View of Soft Tissue Systems

There’s a lot going on with your soft tissue systems, which might get a little out of hand at times – and need some help. Swelling, tissue texture and or postural alignment reveal your secrets.

Your body is ideal in certain postural positions whether in movement, in standing or sitting or lying. The modern world and what we do in it, does not always cater for your ideal design, and then you yourself came with the joy of the ‘hand-me-down’ genetic coding of your mothers and fathers, and then again, you yourself have gotten into body posture and behavioural habits not all good!! Trauma – slips, over use, impacts – there are plenty of ways to suffer damage.

The Importance of Postural Analysis

Your postural presentation contributes to or can be the outcome of your condition. Stress, tiredness and anxiety might be co-conspirators. Our knowledge and experience is our differentiator to develop targeted therapy strategies for each session. Every session includes a postural check and discussion.

Atmosphere Ambiance

To enhance your experience, our Elim Springs rooms are custom made, matching the character of the house which is around the 1940’s. Your platform – the table – is extra width, extra (adjustable) length, high end manufacture electric elevation, to assure your comfort but also effective therapist positioning when working over different body areas. High density insulation creates a peaceful atmosphere, the kookaburras can be noisy at times.

Professional Development

Your Therapist, Cheng Lye, is extensively qualified and continues her professional development, seeking the highest levels of teaching – currently, continued training is in lymphedema work in Brisbane  and Canberra (Casey-Smith methods), and Anatomy Trains (Thomas Meyer) from the US.

We want you to experience relief from your visit with us, and we hope that you take away the belief that we have done our utmost to give a high quality expert service, in high quality surroundings. Bless you.

Sessions nominally one hour, inclusive of:

Posture analysis;
Discussion and agreement on therapy;
Physical Treatment;
Homework as necessary (posture and or exercise);
Hot ginger or camomile tea – post-therapy.