Here we will give a short overview of our services  – additional detail is in the drop down sub menus

Soft Tissue Remedial Massage 

We help people with soft tissue trauma, strain, and postural misalignments, looking at whole of body integration, muscle, tendon, ligament, superficial fascia and deep tissue fascia interconnection – structural integrity.

Surprisingly for some, the body needs more than just bone structure and muscle to maintain posture. You have more stuff in there. Muscle, ligament, tendon, superficial and deep fascia, synovial fluids, more…. Structural integrity of your whole soft tissue system is critical. Your pain location may not be the entire problem, nor the location of spasmed or distorted tissue. Our training is exhaustive in Anatomy Trains (Thomas Meyer) to bring about results better than most.

Decongestive Lymphatic Drainage / Bandaging

We help patients who are suffering from lymphodema or have undergone medical or surgical procedures – predominantly cancer therapies, lymphatic therapies, lyposuction, surgical wound healing, body enhancements, and perhaps high altitude (travel) reactions.

The focus is on techniques to reduce over-reaction of body response including healing processes, to balance systems and remove/manage  detrimental fluid accumulation, and associated soft tissue distortion and pain.

Professional Counselling

We are helping people whose ‘self’ is suffering. The human being is complex, in its ‘self’ and in its relationships – and we are designed, hard wired for relationship :  

  • abuse  – intentional harm in many guises which inflicts real or threatened pain and hurt, emotionally as well as physically, upon the survivor. The perpetrator also needs help;
  • grief and loss (which can be bereavement, but also trauma experienced from all manner of events in life – loss of relationships, pets, jobs, loss of direction in life, accidents, illnesses). Generally triggered by a traumatic event, sometimes slowly building, sucking the life out of those around the survivor the ones trying to help;
  • family therapies (which might be coping with break up of family, strategies for reconciliations, or family behaviours, individual member issues);
  • relationship and conflict management. Hello world!!


It is a truth that your experience with us, guarantees our client base.
It you do not go away with a feeling of satisfaction, then….
your return, and any potential for referral is extinguished.
​You are our life line!!
We go out of our way to continuously refresh our training and technique in sign with the best practices of the day. We are continually seeking the masters of the skill, art and gifting that is our hands, to bring your joy, relief, and healing.