Our living place is in the hills of Perth WA. It’s a small, getting bigger, community.
The boss started out with this idea that she wanted to run her own business…..
A door opened… Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy.
Where did that come from??
She stepped out.
A year and half later, she qualified in Remedial, and with the top distinction for the year. 

She got a referral from one of their coaches. Unadvertised.
​Suddenly, she’s taking over from a retiring practitioner in a leading West Perth clinic. A ready made client list, and
the support of the Principal who is a practising naturopath and specialises in allergy and fertility.

She discovers Anatomy Trains and Thomas Meyer in the US. She Pursues!!
Then Decongestive Lymphatic Therapies in Brisbane. More pursuit!!

The practice grows, we establish rooms in the hills. We maintain our connection with Centro. Our first blessing.
Our following increases.
Praise God!!

And then the door opens to professional counselling –
it happens so fast, the Diploma sails through and leads to Masters.

Come and join MCCO they said – a friend of a friend recommendation.
Give them a meal, talk to them, put a smile back on their face is counted success.
Rapid engagement. Learn to connect at any level. Just be there for them.
They look for you next time – if you connected….
The most lost are quite often the least able to pay.
​Then the West Perth Clinic gives an invitation. So Good!! So much help from the Principal!! It’s unbelievable!!

​Where is it going? Who knows?  God knows. In His Hands….