Anatomy Trains Structural Integrity

Thomas Meyer Anatomy Trains and Structural Integrity

What does that mean?  

See those wires in the mast in the picture? They do all the work of maintaining the posture of that mast. The wires are like your muscle, tendon, ligament, fascia. The mast is like your skeleton. 

What does that mean? Check out this article as a first step!!  

Well…. If you don’t have your soft tissue pulling your bones into shape — two at least lines of tension, and the bones in compression, you will fall in an ugly heap!!

Which Soft Tissue?

Well, actually…. There’s more to soft tissue than muscle, tendon and ligament. That bit they used to ignore, has found new significance. Fascia is not just a bag to hold muscle fibre — it is an integral part, and more of it present, deeper in your fabric — and our understanding of it is a necessary piece of the puzzle which gets you relief faster. 

Not only myofascial cupping — but more!! 

  • Postural Analysis.
  • Listening (to your story)
  • Misalignment, root causes.
  • Tension and compression consideration, and an application plan.
  • Targeted deep fascial release.
  • Homework in postural maintenance and exercise.

Structural Integrity.

What does that mean?

Well… When you check out your posture (when we check out your posture) we can spot your structural integrity hot spots – where fascia has trained itself to shorten, and tighten the system. Then there are compensating areas that have elongated to give way to the common positions of holding your body.

Now then…. Because we understand the ‘Fascial Anatomy Trains’ of your frame, and how these interact and integrate with your other soft tissue and your skeleton (and your organs) — now we can predict where to lengthen your system in the right place, and to give you exercise and posture training to eliminate elongation and teach it to regrow to conmpensate and restore structural integrity.

Well that’s a new way of saying the old story?

Well…. It is and it isn’t. It’s more!! Because once you have acknowledge, and know and understand that there is an additional tissue fabric to be considered in your anatomy, and it is highly significant in your structural integrity, posture and level of peace (or discomfort and pain) when standing, or sitting, or lying or moving around — then you have power!!

That’s the essence. 

Stay tuned!!

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